5 Best Tanning Bed Goggles of 2021

Many people do not wear protective eyewear during tanning bed sessions because they don’t want to get raccoon eyes. Well, it’s one of the biggest mistakes you could ever make.  

The idea of getting a nice, even tan sure sounds nice, but this should not come at the expense of your eyesight. You see, UV rays coming from tanning beds are very harmful and can cause permanent damage to your eyes.

And if you think closing your eyes will protect you from those rays, you cannot be more wrong. Closing your eyes during the session isn’t going to cut it. UV rays can penetrate through eyelids and mess up your eyesight. 

If you’re skipping tanning goggles just because you want to avoid white circles around the eye area, think again. Times have changed. We now have protective eyewear that can protect your eyes while covering the minimum area possible. And yes, you don’t have to worry about raccoon eyes.

In this article, we’ll review the best tanning bed goggles that will not only safeguard your eyes from UV rays but also prevent raccoon eyes. Keep scrolling to find out more. 

Best Tanning Goggles Reviewed

1. Super Sunnies Evo Flex Flexible


Super Sunnies Evo Flex Flexible

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Evo Flex from Super Sunnies is the top choice for many experienced tanners. It filters out 99% of the ultraviolet rays, both UVA and UVB rays. The high-rise nose bridge ensures that there will be no unsightly tan lines. 

Evo Flex features slim eyecups to minimize white circles around the eyes. So, you can get tanned safely and stop worrying about raccoon eyes. 

What’s more, it comes with an elastic headband, so that it fits perfectly and doesn’t fall off during your session. You’ll have full protection even during high-pressure tanning bed sessions, thanks to the specially-designed green lenses. 

Users have been raving about its flexibility and performance. Super Sunnies eyeshields are certified as impact-resistant under FDA’s 21 CFR Part 801.410, which means they comply with all the FDA’s requirements and are totally effective against UV rays. 

Besides, Super Sunnies have been around since 1957 with hundreds of thousands of happy customers around the world, so it becomes easy to trust them. 

The best part? These are super affordable. You don’t need to spend a fortune to shield your eyes against harmful UV rays. 

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2. Peepers Sunbed Tanning Goggles


peepers sunbed tanning goggles

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Whether you’re tanning indoors or outdoors, you cannot go wrong with Peepers Sunbed Tanning Goggles. They offer maximum UV protection and keep your eyes completely safe. 

You’ll get 6 pairs of tanning goggles with each box. Thanks to the straps, they fit really well and are quite comfortable to wear. The goggles allow you to see through them clearly and do not block visibility.

Also, they’re easily adjustable. All you have to do is loosen or tighten the strap and you’re done. And that’s the reason they don’t fall off during the session. 

Another reason you’ll love this is that the nose bridge is quite high. So, there’s no chance of developing a tan line. On top of that, they are extremely lightweight and you won’t face any difficulties while they’re on. 

The goggles come in different colors mainly blue, red, black, and gray. For 6 pairs at such an amazing price, we’d say it’s a steal.

3. Wink-Ease Disposable Eye Protection


Wink-Ease Disposable Eye Protection

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Wink-Ease Eye Protection is highly recommended for stand-up tanning booths. There are so many reasons to love these cones. First off, they are the easiest to carry around. You can fit them in your wallet and they won’t take much space. 

Secondly, you get 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays. These don’t fall off quite easily. The cones don’t have a strap. Instead, Wink-Ease uses medical-grade adhesive to keep these cones in place. Don’t worry, they don’t fall off and fit everyone. 

These are single-use and you can dispose of them after a one-time application. Tanning salons charge somewhere between $0.50 to $1.00 per pair. Guess what? You’ll receive 50 pairs in a single box, meaning each box will last you 50 sessions. 

It’s very easy to use them and they are very comfortable. You’re in for the most amazing tanning experience. And you can see through them completely. What more could you ask for?

4. Sun Globes Tanning Bed Eyewear


Sun Globes Tanning Bed Eyewear

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Sun Globes Tanning Goggles are amazing for a number of reasons. They don’t have a nose bridge, so there’s no question of developing tan lines. Also, if you don’t like wrapping things around your head, you’re going to love them.

You get an individual eye cap for each eye. They’re so lightweight that you’ll forget that they’re even there. What’s more, they cover the minimum area possible, so there’s no risk of getting white circles under your eyes. 

Worried about eye safety? Well, they do a really fine job of protecting both your eyes. You’ve got nothing to worry about. Using them is super easy. All you have to do is lay down and place them on your eyes.

But this convenience comes at a cost. There are a few downsides to it. First of all, they’re not recommended for stand-up units. Second of all, you cannot move too much as they’ll fall off. Lastly, you don’t get to pick the color. 

5. Endim UV Eye Protection Goggles


Endim UV Eye Protection Goggles

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Safe for both indoor tanning and red light therapy, Endim UV Eye Protection Goggles are a great choice if you’re planning to get tanned using tanning beds. It also features a high-rise nose bridge to keep tan lines away. 

As for UV protection, these goggles are quite effective. They won’t let harmful UV rays reach your eyes. The goggles are lightweight, so you can have a comfortable tanning experience. Additionally, they comply with all the FDA regulations when it comes to UV protection. 

These goggles are stylish and pocket-friendly. They’re also very compact and can be carried around easily. Thanks to the adjustable band, they’ll fit on just about everyone.  

More importantly, they won’t leave you with raccoon eyes. Expect a beautiful tan without any white circles. They’re pretty economical as well. Frequent tanners are going to fall in love with these goggles. 

Why Do You Need Tanning Goggles in the First Place?

Okay, so let’s try to understand what happens when you don’t put on tanning goggles. When you don’t have protective gear on, you’re exposing your eyes to the harmful UV radiation. Initially, there won’t be any problems but may develop into something serious later in your life.

Prolonged exposure to UV rays may cause serious damage to the retina. It can also burn the cornea. Repeated exposure can lead to cataract formation in the eye lens. If left untreated, it can cause permanent damage to your eyesight. 

Also, UV rays coming from tanning beds are more intense than that of the sun. That’s why tanning goggles are a prerequisite if you’re practicing indoor tanning. Luckily, most tanning salons will ask you to wear protective glasses before you can begin getting bronzed. 

Things to Consider While Choosing the Best Tanning Goggles

For the best tanning experience, it’s crucial that you buy the right tanning bed goggles. Here are a few things for you to consider:


When it comes to tanning goggles, choosing the right size is crucial. Bigger goggles may feel comfortable, but you may end up with raccoon eyes. You surely don’t want that. 

At the same time, you don’t want something too small as they won’t provide enough protection. Make sure they cover your eyes properly and do not fall off during the tanning process. 

Material Used

If you’re all about comfort, make sure to buy the goggles made using high-quality materials. For someone who moves a lot during tanning sessions, go for the ones with straps as they don’t fall off. 

If you have oily skin, Wink-Ease Disposable Eye Protection may not stick very well and won’t work for you. The eyewear should simply conform to your face shape. 


Check whether the tanning goggles comply with FDA’s 21 CFR Part 801.410. If they do, that means they’re completely effective in shielding your eyes against the UV rays. The whole point of getting these goggles is eye protection. 

While the majority of tanning goggles do offer decent protection, you cannot be too sure these days. Any decent pair of goggles should be able to block most of the UV rays. 


Deciding on whether or not to wear tanning goggles is not an option. If you want to keep your eyes perfectly healthy, you can never skip protective eyewear be it indoor tanning or outdoor tanning. The best tanning bed goggles we have reviewed above will keep you safe from UV rays.

They might not look very cool but hey, they get the job done. After all, eyes are the greatest gift from God. Hopefully, you’ve found a pair according to your needs. If you have any questions, do let us know in the comments below.


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