8 Best Eyeliner Brushes of 2021

Eyeliner is a girl’s best friend. We’re not 100% sure about how the expression goes, but it doesn’t make it less true. Eyeliner is also a pretty complicated part of a makeup routine because of how many varieties there are; pencil, liquid, gel – just to name a few. 

This time around we’re focusing on eyeliner brushes in particular. Because eyeliner looks are unique to each person, there is pretty much an eyeliner brush for each type of the desired look. A lot of the best eyeliner brushes do double duty for more than just applying the liner. The versatility of these brushes is like the cherry on top!

If you like changing it up from your classic winged look, or you’re more of a traditionalist, then take a gander at this list because there is definitely an eyeliner brush for you.

Best Eyeliner Brushes Reviewed

1. EIGShow Angled Eyeliner Brush E835EIGShow Angled Eyeliner Brush E835

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Made with synthetic bristles (yay for vegan!), this fine angled eyeliner brush provides a precise, tight line like no other. The angle helps with the curvature of your eye, flicking of the wing, or feel free to use just the pointed tip for an even more refined look.

The brush is small, allowing for precision in hard-to-reach areas, and to really get a tight look around your eyes. With nearly unmatched attention to detail, this brush is hand-manufactured for excellence while remaining gentle on your sensitive eye area.

The wooden handle fits comfortably in your hand as you flick and swish your way to a gorgeous eye look! Dip into your favorite eyeliner and remember to use a gentle hand.

2. Kooba Fine Point Eyeliner Brush

Kooba Fine Point Eyeliner Brush

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This one is for our ladies who like to travel. Despite its smaller size, it still fits comfortably and handles well for even the most difficult fine lines or dots. It is still effective to be used in one-swipe motion, the soft bristles are densely packed for application of any kind of eyeliner.

Even better? The bristles are shed-free and easily washable with a mild makeup cleanser.

This fine-tipped liner really allows you to get your creative juices flowing and try out a new look you wouldn’t have dreamt of before. There’s no question as to why it’s as popular among reviewers as it is.

3. Vertex Beauty Angled Eyeliner Brush

Vertex Beauty eyeliner brush

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This angled brush has probably one of the most aggressive angles ever seen on such a product. The unique shape of this brush allows for a comfortable grip while you line corners, make streak-free edges, and clean wings.

Also, the density of the brush is perfectly suited for all your eyeliner needs, especially filling in any liner outlines. The bristles are made with premium synthetic, unbleached hair, thus making it last longer and be less likely to breakage or misshaping.

These qualities come together creating a hypoallergenic, vegan, and safe brush for even the most sensitive of skin. If sharp, clean edges are your thing then this is the brush for you.

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4. Bdellium Tools Bent Eyeliner 708

Bdellium Tools Bent Eyeliner 708

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This “pretty in pink” eco-friendly brush is angled for the easiest application. No more awkwardly positioning your wrist to get that perfect flick.

Super easy for beginners and pro’s alike, this brush is immensely loved for its perfect lining ability. It’s 100% cruelty-free, the handle is sustainably made with bamboo, and the synthetic brushes are vegan and soft.

Make the cleanest cut lines with this professional-grade brush, and feel free to experiment around and push this bent, fine-tipped brush to its limits.

5. da Vinci Professional Eyeliner brush 46750

da Vinci Professional Eyeliner brush 46750

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This one is probably one of the thinnest, smallest brushes out there. Use this brush with kohl, humid powder, liquid eyeliner, or gel – it’s great for all types of eyeliner.

The handle is sustainably made from German wood, and this coming from a family-owned business which is a really cute bonus! Each brush is handmade with care in Germany, and it really shows – the handle is long and comfortable for maximum efficiency. 

The reviews are glowing; people find it great for free-handing their eye look or applying eyelash serum.

A fun little makeup tip: dip this brush into a brown eyeshadow and apply it around your nose and cheeks for a natural, faux-freckle look making its way around social media. A brush this versatile deserves a spot in every makeup lover’s regime!

6. Rownyeon Mini Smudge Brush

Rownyeon Mini Smudge Brush

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One of our faves looks this season has got to be a smudged undereye. It’s essential for nearly any smoky eye look, it can be difficult to find a brush that makes the perfect smudge.

This mini smudge brush is made for this exact purpose; diffuse out any eyeliner look without worrying about poking around in such a sensitive area of your eye. This brush is made with tightly packed pony hair bristles, with no shedding to worry about.

They’re soft, but dense making it great for use with any type of liner product. Moreover, the birch handle is comfortable for use, and the nickel-plated brass tube keeps the natural bristles firmly in place. Professionally designed, this is a great choice for your eye-smudging needs!

7. Silstar Professional Flat Eyeliner Brush

Silstar Professional Flat Eyeliner Brush

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This eyeliner brush is specifically formulated to work best with gel eyeliners, but don’t let that stop you from trying it out with other types! The bristles are high-quality synthetic hair, that glide across your lid for a perfect finish each time.

It’s easy to maintain and can be washed with your usual makeup remover after use. What’s more, this cruelty-free and vegan brush is designed to get into the tightest of creases, especially those upper and lower lash lines.

Feel confident that this brush is professional-grade; that means no stray hairs will fall off during application or cleanup! If you’re looking for a comfortable, easy-to-use brush with soft, silky bristles for your sensitive eye area then don’t overlook this highly rated gem. 

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8. Beauty Junkees Pro Pencil Eyeliner

Beauty Junkees Pro Pencil Eyeliner

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This two for one brush set has an angled brush and a second, fuller brush for diffusing and smudging out your liner if you so desire. One brush has angled bristles that are made for perfectly applying your desire pot-liner, regardless of its consistency.

Use this brush to define any straight lines, taking advantage of the angle of the bristles. The second brush is perfect for smudging out any liner look, as it’s tapered bristles are made for gently diffusing the liner into your desired look.

These are professional quality eyeliner brushes with bristles that won’t fall out or lose their shape when maintained properly, staples in any makeup junkie’s set.  

Maintaining Your Eyeliner Brushes

You’ve probably taken a look at one or two (or five!) of the brushes on our list and put them in your basket. While having the perfect brush is important to your everyday makeup look, it’s equally important to properly maintain your brushes.

Regardless of whether the bristles are synthetic or natural, for maximum use and consistent quality you need to keep your brushes clean and in a safe spot. 

Definitely look into how each product recommends that you care for your brushes, as it can change depending on how the bristles and handles are made. However, we’ve got a general, easy to follow guide for you. 

Most brushes can be washed after each use without doing any harm to the bristles. This is usually better so that the liner doesn’t cake on and stick to the bristles. In a general sense, to clean your brushes you only need a few things: warm water, makeup remover or brush cleaning soap, and a tissue or cotton pad.

Simply wet your brush, gently massage some cleaning soap into the bristles, rinse off, and swipe onto the cotton pad or tissue until the product is fully off. To dry, simply lay them flat. Voila! You’ve got clean brushes that are ready for your next eye look.


Eyeliner is a great way to express yourself. Whether you want to get creative and use color and fun shapes or like to keep it simple with a black liner into a small wing, the tools you use to create this look are plentiful and unique just like you.

There are a ton of things to consider when looking into your eyeliner – from what type of liner you want to use to your level of experience in applying liner. Some of these brushes are more beginner-friendly brushes while others definitely require a more precise hand.

Regardless of what your desired look is and level of experience in applying your liner, there is a brush on this list for you. Most, if not all of these brushes, work well with a plethora of liner types. If you can dip it, you can use it!

Whichever brush you ultimately choose, don’t forget to take care of it like the precious baby it is. Cautious care of your brush helps maintain the quality of the bristles, which ultimately leads to a consistent application. Take your pick and line your eyes to your heart’s desire!


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