How To Tone Down Hair Color That Is Too Light?

Hair dye jobs do not always go as planned especially when you take the DIY route. You pick the right color and even follow all the instructions on the box, but somehow, the end result is not what you expected.

Don’t worry — we’ve all been there. If you’ve had a bad dye job and are looking to fix it, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’re specifically going to talk about how to fix hair that was colored too light.

The best part? You don’t have to head to a salon and shell out big bucks to accomplish that. In fact, you’ll be able to fix the color of your tresses from the comfort of your home. Let’s jump right into it. 

5 Ways To Fix Hair Color That Is Too Light

1. Shampoo Daily

When you color your hair, it’s advised that you should avoid frequent shampooing because it strips out hair color. But when you have locks that are colored too light, you want to do the opposite.

The idea is simple — the more you wash your hair, the sooner your hair color will fade. To fade the color even faster, use clarifying shampoos. They’re stronger than regular shampoos and will speed up the process. 

However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Frequent washing will also strip the moisture out of your strands and make them dry.

So, make sure to nourish and condition your hair. Because you don’t want your hair to look dull and lifeless. 

2. Blow Dry Your Hair

You must’ve heard people and stylists say that you should avoid using hot styling tools on color-treated hair. But when it comes to toning down hair color that is too light, using heat tools such as a hairdryer or curling irons can actually be pretty helpful.

That’s because when your hair is exposed to higher temperatures, the color tends to fade faster. Frequent use will fade the color, and you’ll be able to achieve a more balanced look. 

As with everything, you don’t want to go overboard with these heat tools. Because you may end up frying your strands if you’re not careful. 

3. Go With A Darker Shade

Okay, so this one is a no-brainer. To correct the color that is too light, you can apply a darker shade to your hair. Again, we advise you to be careful. Because the last thing you want is having to fix hair that is now too dark. 

When you go about applying a darker shade, leave the dye in your hair for only half the time as suggested by the manufacturer. For example, if it says 30 minutes on the box, then you only want to let it sit in your hair for 15 minutes.

Remember this is not a hard and fast rule. You should make sure to check the color every 4 to 5 minutes. Let’s say, if you’ve achieved the color you want after only 10 minutes, you can rinse right away. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that dyeing too soon can really do a number on your hair. Ideally, you should wait at least 4 weeks before you dye your hair again.

4. Get Hair Highlights

One can easily fix hair that is colored to light by adding highlights to their hair. I mean, you already have got the color wrong, so you might as well take full advantage of it. There are several options when it comes to highlighting your hair at home.

Invest in a good quality at-home highlighting kit, and you should be good to go. Take note that highlighting your hair at home can be a little tricky, especially if you’re going for something like balayage highlights.

Just make sure you know what you’re doing so that you don’t end up making things even worse. 

5. Go To A Professional

I know you’re probably trying to fix the color on your own, but the best way to get your hair fixed is to go seek the help of a professional. The professionals know various techniques that can help you achieve the shade that you desire. 

Besides, when you’re trying to fix the dye job on your own, there’s a good chance you can mess it up again especially if you’re new to all this. Therefore, you should let the experts do the job for you. 

You’ll probably spend a lot of money on this, but it will be all worth it. 

Home Remedies To Fix Hair Color That Is Too Light

1. Lemon And Baking Soda

Both baking soda and lemon have bleaching properties. You may have seen people using these ingredients to lighten their hair. And they work really well. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Mix lemon and baking soda into a thick paste. 
  • Wash your hair with your regular shampoo.
  • Take the paste and gently massage it over each and every strand.
  • Let the mixture sit for about 20 minutes.
  • Rinse with warm water.
  • Repeat 1-2 times a week. 

This should really help to fix the hair that is colored too light. 

2. Vinegar

Hair dyes are not meant to withstand acidic substances. So, the acidity of vinegar can help fade the hair color faster. Be sure to use white vinegar as it’s more acidic than apple cider vinegar. Here’s how you use it:

  • Mix warm water and white vinegar in equal parts. 
  • Apply the mixture to your hair.
  • Wrap your hair in a shower cap or a towel.
  • Leave the mixture in your hair for 20 minutes. 
  • Wash your hair thoroughly. 
  • Repeat 1-2 times a week. 

3. Coconut Oil Or Olive Oil

A lot of people say that olive oil and coconut oil can fade hair color. While there’s no evidence supporting it, there’s no harm in trying. Also, these oils are extremely beneficial to our hair. So, there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

It’s true that these oils may not fade color on their own, but when you use oil as a conditioning treatment, it needs to be washed out. And washing, as we all know, can help fade hair color. You’ll get healthier and stronger hair as a result of using these oils. 

So, how do you use these oils? There are many ways to do that. You can apply the oils directly to your hair. You can also use them as a leave-in treatment. If you want, you can add a few drops of oil to your shampoo.


Even seasoned colorists experience bad hair dye jobs at some point in their life. And if you’re freaking out just because you had a color fail, don’t! It can all be fixed.

Hopefully, the tips we’ve listed above will help you fix your hair color at home. Just make sure to be careful. Don’t damage your hair in the process. You can also get it fixed at a salon should you so desire.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.