How Often Can You Tone Your Hair? Everything You Need To Know

Before we jump right into how often you can tone your hair, we’re going to run through a couple of toning ABCs for you! Toning is a required step for most people who make changes to their hair. 

You don’t want to do it too often, or it’ll potentially cause some major damage to your locks! Generally, toning is worked in conjunction with bleach to achieve the desired color, either all over your hair or in specific sections (ie – highlights and balayage).

What Is A Toner?

Essentially, toner is hair color, either demi- or semi-permanent.

After you bleach your hair, you have to apply a toner to get the perfect results. It is an important step that you don’t want to miss. Otherwise, you’ll be left with brassy hues. Whether for a few select highlights or an all-over change, toner has got you covered. 

How Long Does A Toner Last?

A toner usually lasts around 4 to 8 weeks. Of course, this depends on a number of things. The condition of your tresses and how well you take care of your color play an important role.

It also depends on how often you wash your hair. If you wash your hair every single day, then it’s a no-brainer that the toner will fade much faster. On the other hand, if you only wash your locks once or twice a week, then you can expect perfectly toned hair for much longer.  

Also, some toners last longer than others. For example, semi-permanent toners don’t last as much as demi-permanent ones. It’s best to speak with your stylists to get answers to all your questions. 

How Often Can You Tone Your Hair?

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Now here is the big question. The short answer is you can tone your hair as often as you need to. But there’s more to it.

Toners are often mixed with different volume developers, usually 10V, 20V, 30V, and 40V. The higher the volume, the more potent the stuff is. 

10V developer should be used with a dark toner, or when you’re looking to fix mild brassy tones. 

When working with a Wella toner, we recommend using a 20V developer. High volume developers can cause unnecessary damage to your strands, and they can also lift a bit much. And you may not get the desired results. So, it’s important that you choose the right developer.

Considering a toner will last you at least 4 weeks, you can tone as often as you need to. It won’t damage your hair if done correctly. 

With that being said, there’s also a bit of an asterisk. If you use cheap quality high-level toner, then you can’t tone your hair as often as you need to because you’ll only end up damaging your strands. 

In order to get maximum benefits from your toner, and be able to tone whenever you want, you need to make it last.

Ultimately, if your hair is healthy, then you can do whatever you want. If your hair is damaged, brittle, or falling out after years of dyeing, consider giving it a break. In general, if your hair is dry and damaged, you should wait at least 6 weeks. 

Toning as soon as the color fades can cause damage if you’re not taking proper care of your hair. While some strands can tolerate the chemicals, toning is not a one-size-fits-all. 

How To Make The Most Of Your Toner

There are a few different ways to make the most of your toner and protect your gorgeous hue at the same time. Some examples are using professional-grade hair care products that are specifically formulated for color-treated or toned hair. 

Your hair will be less likely to fade, aka no need to touch up as soon! Additionally, many of these hair care products can have a little bit of toner in them without harm. Consider investing in purple shampoos and conditioners. They can also tone your hair.

Heat is a brutal way to damage your hair and increase the fading, requiring further toning. Whether the heat comes from the sun or styling tools, taking care of temperature will improve the duration of each toning session.

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Chat with your Stylist

Obviously, these are general guidelines, and you should consult your hairstylist. Everyone’s hair is different, and something that works for one redhead might not work for the next. It really depends on your hair texture, history with chemicals, and skin tone – just to name a few! 

It can be tempting to tone on your own, but it really is best to go with a professional. Toning is some serious work. If even one step is missed, your hair can look super wonky! Also, bleach is commonly accompanied by toner, so you really want to make sure you’re not toning over-bleached hair. 


Toning your hair is an important step to any color change (or maintenance). It’s pretty difficult to over-do it with the toning, but it is possible! Depending on various factors, you can generally tone your hair as frequently as you need to.

If your hair is brittle or fragile, there are a lot of things you can do in order to minimize toning your tresses. Maintaining your hue between dye jobs, eliminating heat tools, and limiting exposure to the sun will keep your hair vibrant.

Having opulent white babylights is no easy feat – brassiness is always trying to creep in. Keep your hair loved and hydrated, and consult a professional before making any big moves. Straggly, straw-like strands are never in style.