8 Best Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Machines of 2020

With age, comes wisdom. But the pity of aging is losing our seemingly flawless and youthful skin. As we age, we lose collagen and elastin in our skin that keeps it firm and free of wrinkles. 

Though we may feel young and carefree on the inside, we see the wrinkles and sagging skin on the outside as we age. It’s natural and it’s totally okay! But many of us want to retain our skin’s youth for as long as possible. 

Now there’s creams and dermarolling options available, sure, but those can only do so much. So, what’s the best option, aside from going to a plastic surgeon and shelling out hundreds or thousands of dollars? Investing in the best radio frequency skin tightening machine! 

Now, what exactly is that? 

Radiofrequency (RF) machines are non-surgical and non-invasive machines that help to tighten your skin by using heat to stimulate your skin’s natural collagen and elastin production, which results in tighter, smoother, and youthful skin. 

Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s true! You can achieve ageless-looking skin at home with an RF machine. 

Say goodbye to expensive trips to the spa and say hello to the best new technology for at-home skincare. Ahead, we’ve listed our favorites for you to check out and invest in. Trust us, you really should get one if you want a youthful appearance. 

Best Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Machines Reviewed

1. MLAY RF Tightening and Lifting Device

MLAY RF Tightening and Lifting DeviceBuy on Amazon

You want visible results fast? Of course, you do, we all do! This RF skin tightening machine guarantees visible results in about 45 days. Isn’t that incredible? 

It works by stimulating the production of elastin and collagen fibers. The intelligent temperature control system ensures that the skin’s temperature is always safe. 

Additionally, it transfers most of the RF energy to the dermis (the thickest layer of the skin that lies beneath the epidermis). That’s what makes this RF machine so effective. 

This works not only for sagging skin in your face or body, but it can also decrease the appearance of cellulite and reduce necklines. 

Just clean and dry the area you wish to use it on, apply the conductive gel that it comes with, and get started. You can use it anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes, depending on which area you want to use it on, every one to two weeks. 

What’s even better than fast results? Results that last. That’s right! With the proper use of this device, you can expect your results to last for up to two years. It activates your skin’s natural healing process so you can see those quick results long after you initially get them. 

2. Silk’n Titan Anti Aging Skin Tightening Device

Silk’n Titan Anti Aging Skin Tightening Device

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If you’re looking for an RF skin tightening machine for your face and neck area, this device from Silk’n is your best bet. It uses Collagen and Elastin Remodeling (CER) energy to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and saggy skin on your neck and face

It will repair sun-damaged skin, stimulate collagen production, and increase the skin’s elasticity. You’ll be able to achieve a healthy, glowing, and youthful skin. One of the best things about this product is its portable design. 

It’s lightweight and very easy to handle. And it delivers just the right amount of energy to activate the skin’s natural healing and restoration process. 

You no longer have to worry about crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, and fine lines. Even better? It also zaps sun spots, reduces dullness, and brightens up your skin. Although it’s a little expensive, it’s still a great investment considering how effective this device is. 

And you don’t have to actually head to your dermatologist to get professional results. 

3. Signstek Portable High Frequency Face Wand

Signstek Portable High Frequency Face Wand

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This RF machine is a 4-in-1 machine: it includes a wand for reducing wrinkles and fine lines, a wand for dark under-eye circles, a wand for acne spot treatment, and even a wand for scalp circulation to help your hair grow. What more could you possibly ask for? 

Well, it is also incredibly affordable, especially considering most RF machines can be quite pricey. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars. Amazing, right? It’s also portable, so you can take it with you on vacation, on your business trip, or wherever you go. 

All you have to do is plug it in, attach the wand you wish to use, and massage on your favorite moisturizer, creams, or oils into your skin for a few minutes, and you’ll have that youthful complexion. Do 2-3 times a week for the best results. 

4. TUMAKOU High Frequency Device

TUMAKOU High Frequency Device

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If you’re serious and committed to investing in your skincare to keep it youthful, then this is the machine for you. This is almost like a spa for your skin but you can do it from the comfort of your home, on your couch with sweatpants, and a glass of wine. 

That sounds like a perfect night at home, TBH. 

You can use this for your face or your body to help tighten your skin. There are three different heat levels so you can choose the best level for your skin and your comfort level. You can also adjust the time, with a recommended 10 to 15 minutes per session. 

Your skin will love you for making this worthy investment and you’ll love that your skin will be rejuvenated back to its youthful glow and appearance. No one’s going to believe how old you are when you tell them – your skin will look that beautiful! And it’s one of the best radio frequency skin tightening machines out there.

5. NEWA Anti-Aging Skin Tightening Technology 

NEWA best radio frequency Skin Tightening machine

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Patience is not only a virtue, but it is absolutely key, especially when it comes to seeing lasting results for your skin. NEWA’s anti-aging technology reminds us of that fact. Though you will see an instant lovely glow after the first use, over time you’ll see the wrinkles disappear and your skin will feel firmer and smoother.

This is an FDA-approved RF machine (one of the few RF machines that are), so you know that this is safe to try and use. It’s clinically-proven to reverse signs of aging and is used by many dermatologists worldwide. This is one trustworthy product. 

The kit comes with the device, activator gel, a plug for connecting the device, and a cute mint-green pouch to hold all your supplies in. And unlike many other RF products, it comes in two different colors, pink or red, so you have a little bit of personalization. 

6. Ms.W Face Massager Anti Aging Facial Device

Ms.W Face Massager Anti Aging Facial Device

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This face massager was inspired by the shape of a dolphin tail, which is so cute. The ergonomic design is curved to easily go along with the natural curvature of your face and neck, so you can hit every spot with ease. 

It lights up with each level and speed: blue, green, and red so you know exactly what power level you’re using.

It works even better when paired with your favorite anti-aging creams or serums. In fact, your skin will absorb up to 95 percent of your skincare products when you use Ms. W’s Face Massager, as opposed to your fingers or hand. 

After you’ve applied your favorite facial product, go over your face and neck with the machine for up to ten minutes a day. This is highly rated on Amazon, at an impressive 4.1 out of 5 stars. Many reviewers say that this has made their skin incredibly smooth and soft! 

7. Larimar 5-in-1 Face Therapy Wand

Larimar 5-in-1 Face Therapy Wand

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We love a product or device that does the work of multiple products and this Larimar Face Therapy Wand is one such product. It stimulates the skin cells for rejuvenation and utilizes ion channeling to absorb nutrients better.

What’s more, it has red photonic therapy for anti-aging purposes, green photonic therapy for cleansing, and blue photonic therapy for acne treatment. 

Yep, this little handheld device does the work of at least 5 different products.  

Even better, this also gently massages your face, so you get that luxurious spa-like face treatment right at home. 

It has LED lights, a built-in 15-minute timer, and an auto-shutoff function. One of the best features of this machine is that it doesn’t need to be plugged in to use, like other typical RF machines. All you have to do is take it off the charging port and get started with your at-home face therapy. 

8. NuDerma Clinical Skin Therapy Band

NuDerma Clinical RF skin tightening device

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NuDerma Clinical Skin Therapy Band is truly a hero RF skin tightening device. It features new FUSION Neon-Argon applicators that promotes collagen production and increases cell turnover. 

The device transmits RF energy that works to reduce the appearance of fine lines, soften wrinkles, and increase skin elasticity over time. Upon regular use, you can expect healthy, youthful, and glowing skin. 

It’s a multipurpose treatment tool that comes with 6 different wands. In addition to providing anti-aging benefits, it’s also great for acne treatment. Argon is known to increase acne healing time by as much as 90 percent. 

Even if you’re not plagued with acne, you can still benefit a lot. Argon kills bacteria, soothes inflammation, reduces redness, etc. 

This device has some great reviews on Amazon, so you can rest assured that it’s worth your money. And it’s also affordable for a skin tightening machine, so there’s that!

Things to Remember Before Buying the Best RF Skin Tightening Machine

Using an RF machine may seem a little daunting, which is understandable. But we’ve provided some quick tips and information so you can feel confident about purchasing and using your brand new RF machine for the first time.

Potential side effects

Unfortunately, just like anything else, these machines can potentially cause some side effects. The main ones that users report is mild swelling or pain, redness, and tingling. However, these are usually short-lived and not incredibly painful or bothersome. 

Skin burns are a more serious risk but happen rarely as long as you use your device properly. If you experience any major side effects or the side effects are long-lasting and don’t seem to go away, it’s best to stop using the device and to talk to a dermatologist right away. 

How Often to Use

Most RF machines will only require you to use it for 5-15 minutes per session. Some machines will encourage you to use it 2-3 times a week, whereas others might suggest only doing a session every 1-2 weeks. 

Like using any other facial product or device, it’s always a good idea to start slowly to ensure it’s safe for your own skin. Be sure to carefully read and follow the instructions and manuals on any device you purchase. And if you have any serious concerns, speak to your dermatologist. 

RF Machines Can Cost a Pretty Penny

The eight devices we listed above can be quite expensive, depending on your budget. Though these machines are well worth the investment, be mindful of your budget. But remember that buying one of these is a must if you want your skin to remain youthful, healthy, and stunning. They will last for a long time and you can use it at your leisure.   

Some Other Tips for Ageless Skin

Aging skin is 100 percent natural and that’s perfectly okay! We want everyone to feel comfortable and beautiful in their skin no matter what. However, if you want to retain your skin’s youth for many more years to come, there are some important steps to take to help delay the signs of aging. 

Daily skincare is a MUST

The best way to prevent aging skin is to do the basics first. Washing, moisturizing, and applying sunscreen to your skin are vital to your skin’s overall health. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different products until you find the ones you love. If skin sensitivities are an issue, talk to a dermatologist for recommendations and tips. 

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

This is broad, yes! But beauty starts from the inside out. If you’re eating junk food and not exercising, your internal health is going to reflect on the outside. 

Eat plenty of fruits and veggies and other whole foods (especially those loaded with Vitamins A, C, and E, which are known for their support in maintaining healthy skin), exercise a few times a week, and be sure to get lots of beauty sleep. 

Not only will your skin thank you, but your entire body will thank you, too! 

Drink Up

Hydration is the key to healthy skin. Drinking lots of water helps to get rid of toxins from our body. It keeps your skin clean, pushes out all the bacteria, and keeps acne at bay. Also, collagen needs water to do its job. You see, water is beneficial for skin in so many ways. Additionally, it’s also good for your health as well.

Start Sooner Rather Than Later

Yes, wrinkles and sagging skin is natural and is bound to happen to everyone. But if you want to delay the onset of aging skin, start using anti-aging products and living a healthy lifestyle sooner rather than later.

How soon should you start? Well, for anti-aging products, as soon as you can, particularly if you’re in your 20s. If you take the time to take care of your skin while you’re young, you’re less likely to develop wrinkles or have sagging skin at all as you age. 

You don’t need botox or any invasive procedures so young. Instead, invest in an RF machine and practice good daily skincare. 

Genetics Play a Role Too

Remember that genetics also plays a role in your skin. Look at your parents’ skin. Around what age did they start showing signs of aging? What kinds of signs do they show: wrinkles, dark spots, sagging skin? Did they take preventative measures? 

Are skin diseases, like skin cancer, something that runs in your family? These are all good questions to ask yourself or your parents. Once you know generally your family’s skin history, you can take this information to your dermatologist to figure out the best course of action for you to prevent aging skin. 

When in Doubt, Talk to Your Doctor

Like we’ve mentioned, it’s always a good idea to talk to a dermatologist for your skincare needs. However, you should especially go see one if you experience extreme discomfort from a product or you’re unsure of trying new products or methods for your skin. 

Since they specialize in skin care, they can easily give you tips and suggestions for products or ways to take care of your skin. 


Radiofrequency machines are a really amazing alternative to expensive anti-aging skin care methods, such as facelifts or botox. If you have the means to invest in one of these machines, we highly recommend it. They are absolutely life-changing. And they’re totally for use. You’ll be able to restore your youth and look younger than your years. 

Which RF machine are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below!


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