8 Best Korean Toners of 2022

If you’re unhappy with the way your skin looks, you should incorporate a facial toner to your skincare routine. It not only removes dirt, oil, and makeup, but it also rebalances your skin and boosts radiance. 

Most people think that toners are only meant for people with oily skin. But that’s far from the truth. Korean toners are suitable for just about everyone, including sensitive skin. The key is to find the right formulas.

Whether you’re looking to get rid of excess oil or you just want extra cleansing, it’s time you got yourself the best Korean toner. Who knows, it could be the best thing to ever happen to your skin.

In this article, we’ve rounded up the finest toners available on the market. Scroll on to find the best pick for your skin type. 

Best Korean Toners Reviewed

1. COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner

COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner

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If acne-prone skin is keeping you awake at night, you need COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner. It contains a powerful blend of alpha-hydroxy acids and beta-hydroxy acids to zap dead skin cells, prevent breakouts, and boost cell turnover. 

It also shrinks your pores, brightens your complexion, and improves texture. The purifying botanical ingredients remove traces of dirt and grime and give you softer skin. What’s more, the formula is pH-balanced, so it will never irritate your skin. 

It, in fact, hydrates your skin while maintaining the optimal pH levels. Thanks to Jeju-sourced mineral water, your face won’t be left feeling tight, parched, or dried out. Upon regular use, you’ll be able to achieve a clear and brighter-looking complexion.

Finally, COSRX is a cult-favorite K-beauty brand with happy customers all around the world. So, you can expect this product to work. 

2. Banila Co Dear Hydrating Toner

Banila Co Dear Hydrating Toner  

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Perfect for evening out the complexion, this toner from Banila Co is capable of soothing even the most inflamed and sensitive skin. The star ingredients here are the holy basil extracts and neem leaf extracts. 

Holy basil reduces inflammation, fights radicals, and clears your skin. Neem leaf extracts lighten scars and give you a blemish-free appearance. In addition, it contains peppermint extract that prevents and clears acne. 

Even better? This top-notch toner is infused with fermented lotus water to nourish your skin and provide it with a burst of hydration. There are no parabens, sulfates, or other toxic ingredients, so it’s safe for just about everyone. 

It will help you remove all the impurities and maintain the skin’s pH. Your face will brighten up after a few applications. The smell is so refreshing that you’ll fall in love with it. Your skin will feel fresh, dewy, and rejuvenated post-application. 

3. AHC Toner for Face

AHC Toner for Face

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Quench your skin’s thirst with this powerful and super hydrating toner from AHC. It utilizes the power of hyaluronic acid to deliver optimal hydration and improve the texture. The formula boosts radiance and is highly moisturizing. 

In addition to HA, there’s an inclusion of potent ceramides and French seawater. This almighty toner purifies your skin, refines pores, reduces uneven spots, and gives you a youthful appearance. 

Interestingly, this product contains three different types of hyaluronic acid that penetrates into your skin at different levels. So, it’s a holy grail for folks with extremely dehydrated skin. 

What’s more, it’s super lightweight. The gel-based formula goes into your skin and locks the moisture. The result is soft and supple skin that makes everyone envious. 

Finally, it’s lightly scented. Even if you’re more on the sensitive side of the scale, you’re going to enjoy this product. 

4. Etude House Moistfull Collagen Facial Toner

Etude House best korean toner for face

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This facial toner is made by Etude House — a cult-classic Korean skincare brand renowned for making collagen-based products. The product houses some really powerful ingredients which make it really effective. 

The infusion of concentrated baobab and collagen not only enhances moisture retention but it also helps your skin stay younger and healthier. If you have loose skin, this product will help. It firms your skin and smooth wrinkles

With its rich texture, this toner zaps all the impurities and it’s perfect for anyone who desires extra cleansing. The unique combination of baobab and collagen also improve the dermal structure. 

Large pores? No problem! This toner will shrink ‘em. What’s more, it also brightens your complexion and keeps it clear. And you get all these benefits at an affordable price. 

5. Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Toner 

Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Toner

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Combination skin requires special attention and care. Luckily, this toner from Innisfree can help you get rid of dryness without making the oily parts on your face feel greasy or tacky. It’s enriched with green tea extracts sourced from Jeju island. 

The green tea extracts are rich in amino acids, so this Korean toner will not only increase moisture retention, but it will also strengthen the skin barrier.

This revolutionary product also contains betaine — a hero anti-aging ingredient that restores pH, fills in the creases, and improves hydration levels in your skin. And it’s less irritating than pure water, meaning everyone can use it. 

Using this product every night after cleansing will rebalance your complexion, fade spots, and add glow to your skin. Not to mention, it also tightens the pores and smooths rough patches. 

The texture is water-like and goes into the skin quickly. There’s no harsh smell, no parabens, no mineral oil, nothing toxic. The smell is nice and is not overpowering. Just 2 drops of the toner will do the trick.

6. Etude House Wonder Pore Freshener

Etude House Wonder Pore Freshener

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As the name indicates, this toner is perfect for cleaning out the pores. It’s suitable for anyone with large and congested pores. Additionally, it regulates oil production, rebalances the skin, and deeply moisturizes. 

It has an ideal pH level of 4.5, so it’s ideal for your skin. Users reported that after one week of use, it noticeably reduced blackheads and zits. It will also help with orange peel texture on your skin. 

It comes with a pump which makes it easy to dispense the right amount of product. And the bottle size is considerably large as well. So, it’s guaranteed to last you quite a while. 

The formula is gentle and doesn’t irritate. And it’s not drying at all. If your main concern is large pores, this product won’t disappoint. It’s easily one of the best toners for oily skin and large pores. And the price is great for such a large bottle. 

7. Secret Key Milk Brightening Toner

Secret Key Milk Brightening Toner

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Get rid of dirt and grime with this milk brightening toner from Secret Key. It’s ideal for eliminating makeup residue, excess oil, and debris from your pores. And it’s intensely moisturizing and hydrating. 

It zaps dead skin cells and boosts regeneration, thanks to exfoliating ingredients. And the formula works to brighten up your skin from the very first use. 

Key ingredients such as pomegranate extract, raspberry extract, milk protein concentrate, etc. not only moisturize your skin, but they also soothe irritation, fade pigmentation, and reduce the size of the pores.  

The alcohol-free formula is perfect for those with sensitive complexions. Although it doesn’t have alcohol, it still manages to draw out all the impurities from your skin, resulting in an insta-perfect complexion. 

The formula is natural and it’s made up of 15 types of botanical extracts. If you’re battling dullness and hyperpigmentation, this is a great choice for you. 

It’s easily one of the best Korean toners to achieve glowing skin. Don’t take our word for it. If you happen to visit Amazon, you’ll find reviewers constantly raving about this product. 

8. Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner

Klairs toner

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If you rely on reviews for purchases and find it hard to take the plunge with fairly new skincare products, meet Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner. With over 1600+ ratings on Amazon, it’s one of the best selling facial toners available. The star rating of 4.6 stars is a proof of its efficacy. 

It’s an alcohol-free product best suited for people with dry sensitive skin. The plant-based formula effectively detoxifies your face without disrupting the pH levels of your skin. The hero ingredient in the product has got to be hyaluronic acid – an ingredient best known for its hydrating properties. 

Other ingredients include beta-glucan and centella asiatica that work to soothe irritation and fight radical damage. Your skin will impart a beautiful glow post-application. It’s fast-absorbing and lightweight. 

Expect those pesky spots to fade away and your skin to instantly brighten up. The best part? It’s perfect for all skin types. 

Do You Really Need a Toner?

A toner basically removes leftover dirt, makeup, and oil. In addition, it also restores the skin’s pH levels. It also allows other products such as serums and moisturizers to absorb better into your skin, thereby increasing their efficacy. 

Originally, tones were created to get rid of dirt and oil left after cleansing. And they were recommended for people with acne-prone skin as toners eliminate oil and prevent breakouts. But now, they can do so much more. 

They exfoliate, moisturize, and rebalance your skin. They shrink pores. People who have dry skin can prevent dryness by using toners. What’s more, they even provide anti-aging benefits. If your skin freaks out easily, alcohol-free formulas can soothe your skin. 

But the question remains: Should you be using a toner? Is it really necessary? Well, it’s not necessary. But it can be a nice addition to your skincare routine. You can finally have the skin you always desired. 

And it’s can be very helpful if you have clogged pores or acne-prone skin. 

Choosing the Best Korean Toner

When it comes to skincare, you always have to consider a few things before you buy yourself a product. Here are a few things to consider:

Skin Type

Not all toners are created equal. What works for your friend might not work for you. Therefore, it’s important to consider your skin type. If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, you should look for alcohol-free formulas. 

If you have dry skin, look for formulas with hyaluronic acid. People with combination skin should look for products that hydrate without making the oily part sticky. 


Another important thing you should always look out for is the ingredients. Avoid parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, or other harsh chemicals. Instead, look for ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, witch hazel, AHAs, BHAs, etc. 


The consistency of a product is often overlooked. But it’s an important factor to consider. For example, if you have oily skin, look for lightweight toner with water-light consistency as they won’t make your skin feel tacky. At the same time, make sure it’s hydrating enough for your skin. 


When it comes to skincare, Koreans are one step ahead of the rest of the world. They use best-in-class ingredients and their products are fueled by innovation. And that holds true for Korean toners as well. 

So, if you want a clear and healthy skin with an even tone, the products we have reviewed above would definitely help you get there. They’re some of the finest available on the market. You can expect tons of skin benefits from them.

Have you found the perfect toner for yourself? Do tell us in the comments below. 


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