Best Eyebrow Wax Products of 2021

I don’t know about you, but I love anything that I can do myself. And I especially love being able to do my own eyebrow wax at home — it saves time, money, and I just like being in the comfort of my own home.

I got a whole routine so it feels like I’m at the salon, without the price tag. I light some candles, turn on some music, and indulge myself in some beauty and self-care.

Doesn’t that sound lovely? Afterward, I’m left with gorgeous brows and a sense of accomplishment, knowing that I was able to easily achieve the look without expensive salon treatments. 

The secret to the perfect eyebrow wax at home? The right product, of course!

So, we’ve compiled a list of the best eyebrow waxes for anyone who loves to take the DIY route or simply wants to save money from going to expensive salons. All of these are easy to use and will help you achieve the look you want. 

Best Eyebrow Waxing Kits & Strips Reviewed

1. Lansley Waxing Kit

Lansley Waxing Kit

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Let’s start with a customer favorite from Amazon: the Lansley Waxing Kit. 

Included with this kit is a 500cc wax machine, 3 bags of aloe wax beads, and 1 bag of jasmine hard wax, a pre-wax oil made with tea tree oil, an after-wax treatment oil to help calm any inflammation, a pair of latex gloves, and 5 wax warmer rings.

The wax warmer also includes an auto-off function so even if you forget to turn off the machine when you’re done, you don’t have to worry about burning the wax (or burning your house down — no one wants that). 

The waxing beads are made with natural ingredients, which is suitable for all skin types and causes less irritation to the skin. Not only does it remove hair, but it gently exfoliates the skin and leaves it rejuvenated. It’s almost like a mini facial! 

2. Bestidy Waxing Kit

Bestidy Waxing Kit

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We wanted to make sure we gave you guys waxing kits with everything you need in just one simple package! This Bestidy kit comes with the 5 packs of different wax beads, all with different scents, including chamomile, lavender, aloe, cream, and rose, all of which are suitable for sensitive skin.

It also contains a pre- and post-wax treatment spray, applicators, gloves, protective rings, and the wax warmer machine. And it’s perfect for those who grow thick, coarse, and dark hair.

The hard wax pulls hair from the root so the results last for a long period of time without needing a touch-up. This is also suitable for men, so if your man likes to manscape, you both have everything you need with one, affordable waxing kit. 

3. VEET Sugar Wax Strips

VEET Sugar Wax Strips

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For those who are a little intimidated with a wax warmer machine, or want something a bit simpler, then this is the next best thing. This comes with a jar of wax that you can easily heat up in the microwave or in a pot of boiling water.

Then you simply apply the wax in the direction of the hair growth, place one of the strips onto the wax, and quickly rip the strip off against the hair growth. Super easy and super affordable!

This wax is made with 99 percent naturally-sourced ingredients and has a nice spritz of vanilla and floral oils to make your skin touchably soft and nourished. The wax washes off effortlessly with a little bit of water, so there’s no sticky residue. Just smooth and supple skin. 

4. Avashine Wax Strips

Avashine Wax Strips

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Want something that you can use instantly without having to wait for the wax to warm up? Well, then look no further than these wax strips by Avashine.

There is literally no wait time. Just take out one of the strips and apply it to the area where you want hair removed and pull it off. These strips are generously sized at 3.5 x 7 inches, so you can cut these down to the size you need.

And since we’re talking about eyebrow waxes, all you have to do is cut the strips down into a few thin strips.

These strips are formulated with beeswax and jojoba seed oil so it doesn’t damage or irritate the skin. You’ll be left with beautiful bare skin that’s smooth to the touch.

5. MOOM Organic Eyebrow Waxing Kit

MOOM Organic Eyebrow Waxing Kit

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We love organic products and so do many of you, so you know that we always like to include products made with natural, organic ingredients. There are absolutely no chemicals or anything harmful.

This wax is made with sugar, salt, tea tree oil, pomegranate oil, lemon juice, and chamomile tea, so it’s safe and gentle for your skin. In fact, this is so gentle on the skin that you don’t need any sort of after-treatment oils or lotions to soothe the skin. 

The best part is that there’s no heating or messiness involved. Just take a small amount of wax from the tube and apply it to your skin with one of the applicators. This is perfect for quick touch-ups or if you want to easily shape and define your brows. 

6. GiGi All Purpose  Honee Hair Removal Wax

GiGi All Purpose eyebrow wax kit

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You get a lot of bang for your buck with this wax, trust me! This 8-ounce jar contains a soft wax that makes it simple to remove hair without damaging or ripping off any skin.

Just pop it into the microwave for 30 seconds (and doing 15-second increments afterward) until the wax is a caramel-like consistency. 

This wax is relatively painless, compared to other options, since it removes hair from the root and doesn’t latch onto the skin. There’s less breakage and the formula keeps you from having to shave, wax, or pluck for up to four weeks. 

It’s also a great cruelty-free option and is free of any harmful ingredients. The honey extract in the formula not only works as a moisturizer, but it’s also a natural antibacterial agent, so your skin is protected and healthy. No wonder it’s one of the best eyebrow waxing kits. 

7. Regalico Hard Wax Beads

Regalico Hard Wax Beads

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Looking for some great new wax beads for your wax warmer? These cute little pink hard wax beads are the perfect refill when you need to stock up. They’ll work for any part of the body and work for any skin type.

Formulated with rose oil and other natural ingredients, these are perfect for sensitive skin and for use on your face. It also latches on only to the hair, and not the skin, so it can remove even the most stubborn hairs while being as gentle and painless as possible. 

This not only comes with a 2.5 lbs. package of wax beads, but it also includes some pre-wax spray, after-wax spray, and 20 applicator spatulas. This is one of the best refill kits on Amazon, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your house when you’re running low on your waxing supplies! 

8. Clean + Easy Waxing Spa Basic Kit

Clean + Easy Waxing Spa Basic KitBuy on Amazon

Okay, we know this may be a bit pricey for some, but trust us because it’s 100 percent worth it! This kit contains three different wax applicators, in fine, small, and medium, so you can use the one that suits whichever area you are removing hair from (we recommend the fine one for doing your brows).

It contains six packs of wax, three for each of the applicators, a few cloth strips, a bottle of each of the remove and restores sprays for the pre and post-application, and even an educational DVD and booklet to help you when learning to do your waxing at home.

The applicators simply roll-on a precise amount of wax needed on the body so it’s completely effortless, mess-free, and much quicker than traditional waxing methods. This is one of the best options for beginners because it is so easy to use and you have absolutely everything you’ll need.

9. Nad’s Eyebrow Shaper

Nad’s Eyebrow Shaper

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Nad’s Eyebrow Shaper is perfect for those who don’t have the time to sit around and wait for their wax machines to heat up. And you’re going to love it. Why, you ask? Well, it’s simple, effective, and affordable!

This all-in-one kit is simply a small wand filled with hair removal gel that squeezes out of the tube. Additionally, it comes with cloth strips to remove the hair and some wipes to clean off any residue and help to reduce any redness or irritation.

To use, simply apply a small amount of the gel onto the hair you want to remove and place a strip on top. After a couple of seconds, quickly remove the strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth and repeat as necessary. Afterward, use one of the wipes to remove any residue and soothe your skin. 

10. Satin Smooth Aloe Vera Hair Removal Wax

Satin Smooth Aloe Vera Hair Removal WaxBuy on Amazon

I love this wax because it comes in 15 different scents! My personal favorite is the aloe vera version since aloe is one of the most effective ingredients for skin irritation and redness, which happens to me quite often with different waxes. Luckily, this one is incredibly gentle on the skin and it’s been dermatologist-tested. 

This jar fits into any normal wax warmer, so if you’re simply looking for a new wax to try, this is your best bet. And because it comes in many different scents, you can experiment a little and find the one you like best.

In addition to this one formulated with aloe vera, the other ones include amethyst crystal, calendula gold with tea tree oil, citrus mojito, honey with argan oil, honey with Vitamin E, wild cherry, soy, pure tea tree oil, deluxe cream, lavender, titanium blue, and zinc oxide. 

Tips for Picking the Best Eyebrow Wax for Home

Doing a brow wax at home can be a little intimidating, especially if you’re new at it. Don’t worry! With some time, practice, and these quick tips, you’ll be a pro in no time! 

Consider your budget

As always, remember that you don’t need to spend lots of money to achieve the brows you dream of. I mean, the point of you reading this is to find affordable options so you can avoid the costly price of waxing at salons, right? That’s why we have options for every price-point. Know yours and pick accordingly. 

Be sure to carefully read the labels and instructions

If you have any sensitivities or allergies to certain ingredients, be sure to read the labels carefully so you can avoid any sort of negative skin reaction. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If you’re planning on doing your first wax at home, it’s always best to ask a trusted friend to help you through the process if need be. 

Start slowly

The worst thing you could probably do is rush the process. Beauty takes time, especially if you’re doing a brow wax. A mistake from a rushed job can result in damaged skin or uneven brows. It’s always best to take your time so you can ensure you get the best results possible.

If you experience any severe skin reactions, stop use immediately. Don’t try and power through the treatment if your skin is reacting poorly to the wax. Just stop using it and contact your dermatologist for tips on what to do next or recommendations for a different product. 


With so many options when it comes to doing your own eyebrow wax at home, we hope that we’ve made it simpler to choose the option that will be perfect for you and suit your needs. Which one is the winner for you? Which one are you going to try the next time you decide to take the DIY route? Let us know in the comments! 


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