The 8 Best Korean Lip Tints of 2022

best korean lip tint

Everyone loves a beautiful lip color. Whether you like reds and pinks, or something more adventurous like a bold black or a neon yellow, we love that splash of color, and it simply just completes our overall look.  But we all know the struggle of keeping your …

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How Often Should You Get Hair Highlights?

how often should you get highlights

Highlights are all the rage right now – they bring your best features, enhance your hair color, and make your hair appear fuller. No wonder why women from all over the world are obsessed with this hair coloring technique. But how often should you get highlights? Well, …

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How To Tone Down Hair Color That Is Too Light?

tone down hair color that is too light

Hair dye jobs do not always go as planned especially when you take the DIY route. You pick the right color and even follow all the instructions on the box, but somehow, the end result is not what you expected. Don’t worry — we’ve all been there. …

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