8 Best Alcohol-Free Hairsprays for All Hair Types in 2022

It’s no secret that the number of options when it comes to hairsprays is extraordinarily vast. Between aerosol and non-aerosol, the different levels of holds and finishes, there are tons of formulas to choose from. 

Regardless of your preferences, you should always steer clear of hairsprays with high alcohol content. Sure, they seal your hairstyle and keep your locks in place, but too much ethanol can dry your tresses and irritate your scalp in ways that you won’t like. 

Fortunately, the multiplicity of products available means that you do not have to undergo the ordeals that accompany dehydrated hair. 

In this article, we’ll explore the best alcohol-free hairsprays that will fight frizziness and amp up the volume while giving you an excellent hold.  

Best Alcohol-Free Hairsprays Reviewed

1. Pantene Pro-V Level 2 Ultra-Lightweight Airspray Hairspray 

Pantene Pro-V hairspray

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It’s hard to find good quality aerosol hairsprays that don’t contain some amount of alcohol. However, Pantene has managed to craft a unique formula that does away with ethanol entirely while still accommodating a variety of hairstyles. 

The Pro-V has a solid hold strength level of 2 out of 5, making it suitable for folks with thin and straight hair. As the name suggests, this hairspray is also extremely lightweight, ensuring that you won’t feel it on your hair while having it on. 

It doesn’t feel crunchy or crisp, and the subtle fruity aroma is an additional bonus. 

Another noteworthy feature of this product is that it is composed of several healthy ingredients, most notably panthenol. Panthenol keeps your hair healthy and provides a shiny finish that lasts for hours.

What’s more, the Pro-V Level 2 hairspray is a fairly pocket-friendly option. You’re sure to get your money’s worth. 

2. Herbal Essences Bio-Renew Flexible Hairspray 

Herbal Essences Bio-Renew Flexible Hairspray 

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This hairspray by Herbal Essences is yet another product that’s not only alcohol-free but also contains great ingredients that are beneficial for your hair. 

It’s signature Bio-Renew blend promises to rehabilitate damaged hair with its combination of aloe vera, bamboo, and essential antioxidants. Moreover, this hairspray is also free of harmful chemicals like parabens, gluten, and colorants.  

Like its predecessor, this hairspray also has a hold strength level of 2 and is suitable for all hair types. The flexible hold is designed to control frizziness, making it a holy-grail product for someone with dry hair. 

In addition, this formula also keeps various environmental factors, such as free radicals and humidity, from causing dullness to your hair. 

The downside? It requires thorough washing to rinse out completely. However, if you’re willing to look past this minor inconvenience, Herbal Essences’ Hairspray is a great option.

3) Aussie Air Spray Alcohol-Free Hairspray


Aussie Air Spray Alcohol-Free Hairspray

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Aussie’s Air Spray Hairspray takes things up a notch in the hold department, boasting a Level 3 strength that allows for the widest range of styles. 

With natural ingredients like aloe, jojoba oil, and sea kelp, it gives you soft and shiny hair while preventing stickiness. All of this, at a reasonably priced rate. 

Thankfully, the many pros of this hairspray don’t end there. The citrus and jasmine aroma here is another unique feature that will keep your hair smelling fresh. 

Moreover, the hold of this hairspray is strong enough to last you the entire day, as opposed to some alternatives which wear out after a few hours. 

One minor inconvenience of this hairspray is the force of the mist on pressing the nozzle. This makes it easy to overuse it, given how much liquid is ejected in a single spray.

4) L’Ange Hair Lustré Spray Laminate 

L’Ange Hair Lustré Spray Laminate 

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Although anyone can use L’Ange’s hairspray, it’s perfect for those living in hot and humid climates. It contains UV absorbers that prevent sun damage and keep split ends and dullness at bay.

The formula is infused with potent ingredients such as jojoba, vitamin E, safflower oil, botanical extracts, lemongrass, etc. All these ingredients keep your hair hydrated and nourished.

And they endow this hairspray with a healthy antioxidant dose. Thanks to the antioxidant-rich formula, you can say goodbye to inflammation and expect silky-smooth tresses. 

The downside? It doesn’t have a very strong hold. Also, it’s a little expensive. However, if you want to amp up your volume, it’s a great choice. 

5) Honey Bee Gardens Alcohol-Free Hairspray 

Honey Bee Gardens Alcohol-Free Hairspray 

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This product by Honey Bee Gardens works as a hairspray as well as a volumizer. It holds your hair throughout the day without creating any stiffness or stickiness. 

And if you spray it directly on wet hair, it will work as a volumizer. Men and women of all hair types and textures can exploit this dual feature. 

The formula here is free of parabens, gluten, and is also completely vegan. 

Like so many others on this list, it contains several healthy ingredients that prevent hair damage. A few of the notable ones are chamomile, lavender, chestnut extract, aloe vera, rosemary, and sunflower seed extract. 

Besides protecting your hair, these ingredients also add a delightfully subtle minty odor to the product. 

The natural composition and firm hold make this hairspray well worth considering, especially since it’s available at a reasonable price. 

6) Right In The Middle Hairspray by Shear Miracle Organics

Right In The Middle Hairspray by Shear Miracle Organics

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Shear Miracle Organics’ hairspray is the most expensive one on this list, but for several good reasons. First off, this salon-quality product is all-natural and contains zero chemicals. 

You won’t experience issues like itching, hair shedding, stickiness, and others that are commonly associated with hairsprays. The formula is vegan-, gluten-, and GMO-free. You get a medium hold that lasts for hours. 

Some key ingredients in this hairspray are Vitamin A, C, and E, rosemary essential oil, and vegetable glycerin. 

Glycerin is a renowned moisturizing agent that keeps your hair from becoming dry, while the three plant-sourced vitamins help strengthen and protect your scalp. 

Mind you, this isn’t just another haircare brand, Shear Miracle Organics is among the very best. 

7) Organic Excellence Wild Mint Alcohol-Free Styling Spray 

Organic Excellence Wild Mint Alcohol-Free Styling Spray

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Organic Excellence’s hairspray is another product that has been made entirely from natural ingredients. Ingredients like lavender, rosemary extract, peppermint oil, and grape seed extract impart a refreshing minty aroma to the formula. 

Others, such as panthenol and glycerin, are excellent at keeping your hair nourished and moisturized. 

While most other hairsprays only contain one of these agents, the presence of both here means that your hair is unlikely to suffer from any adverse effects. It’s also free of parabens and sulfates, so you know it’s safe for your hair.

Besides healthy ingredients, it also has a strong hold, so much so that one spray should suffice for most users. 

In short, this product has everything you could ask for in a hairspray. The one downside here is its price, which is higher than some others on this list. 

8) Kenra Professional Shaping Spray 21

Kenra Professional Shaping Spray 21

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Kenra’s Shaping Spray is renowned for being the “first professional alcohol-free hairspray”, and it’s clear why this product has become the benchmark for quality sprays on the market. 

It features an extra firm hold, high water retention, and a truly aerosolized formula that makes spraying easy and precise. 

Despite the strength of the hold, you can still run your fingers through your hair, thanks to its innovative formula.

Like some others on this list, the key ingredient here is panthenol, which acts as an extremely effective moisturizing agent. However, you’re unlikely to feel any wetness as the spray dries off quickly after application. 

Coming to the downsides, this hairspray is more expensive than others on this list, though its quality is up to scratch. Also, the nozzle is prone to clogging, which can be an annoyance. Washing it with some hot water will resolve this issue. 

Considerations When Choosing the Best Alcohol-Free Hairspray

As we’ve discussed, there’s a lot of options for alcohol-free hairsprays, but not all of them will fit your needs. Some may work well on you, while others may not. 

But don’t worry, we’ll help you out. Listed below are a few things to take into account before making a purchase. 

Strength of the Hold 

Hairspray brands typically classify their hold strength in two ways. The first is by providing a rating level out of 5, and the other is by describing them as either light, medium, or strong. For alcohol-free hairsprays, the latter classification is more common. 

A light hold (also called flexible hold) is the least strong of the three and usually lasts only for a few hours. This hold is suitable for those looking to wear casual styles without the stiffness of strong-hold hairsprays. 

Medium hold offers a slightly firmer hold that keeps frizziness in check. The amount of time this hold lasts can vary, but if your styling routine generally involves some effort, this might be the right choice for you. Lastly, strongholds, though rare among alcohol-free sprays, are for special occasions like parties, weddings, etc.


It’s often believed that if a spray has more natural components, it is necessarily better than those with fewer natural ingredients. While it’s true that all-natural products do not harm your tresses, they may not fit your needs.  

You just have to choose the right ingredients. Look for ingredients such as vitamin A, aloe vera, proteins, and essential oils. Glycerin-based products can be extremely helpful. 

Panthenol is another great ingredient to have as it’s highly moisturizing. That said, avoid products with triclosan, polymers, and alcohol. 

Hair Type 

Considering your hair type is also important when buying alcohol-free hairsprays. For example, if you have fine hair, you should look for lighter formulas. If you have dry hair, you should look for products with moisturizing ingredients. 

Sensitive scalps should avoid harsh formulas. Alternatively, if you have voluminous hair, a strong-hold hairspray might well work for you. Lastly, if your hair is curly, you’ll want something adept at controlling frizz and has a flexible hold. 


Abandoning alcohol might as well be the best thing you ever did for your hair. A right hairspray will not only improve hair health, but it will also prevent external factors such as humidity from doing a number on your skin.

In that endeavor, this article has laid out 8 of the best alcohol-free hairsprays that you should consider switching to. These picks accommodate a wide variety of needs and preferences while maintaining quality.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Happy shopping!


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